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Sparkling Wines

prosecco brut, gambino (veneto) 13/50

Hints of green apple and citrus, a deliciously creamy texture and crisp finish.

prosecco rose jules, gambino (veneto) 13/50

Elegant and light with flavors of strawberry and sweet cherry.

cava brut nature champenoise method, optum (spain) 16/60

Delicate, elegant and with ripe tropical fruit notes and a fine perlage.

franciacorta freccianera, berlucchi (lombardy) 130

Creamy, balanced and with balsamic, citrus, toast and white fruit nuances.

White & Rose Wines by The glass

Pinot Grigio Il Masso, gambino (veneto) 13/50

Fresh, fruity and with notes of lime, lemon, pear, white nectarine and apple.

Sauvignon blanc, sandpiper (new zealand) 15/55

Full, textured and with a touch of sweet, balanced by salivating acidity and a clean finish.

grechetto, adanti (umbiria) 15/55

Rich, elegant and with delicate minerality and with subtle notes of peach, almond and hay.

Verdejo, optum (spain) 15/55

Elegant and persistent evoking intense varietal aromas reminiscent of white flowers and white fruit.

chardonnay, sky shower (california) 16/65

Characteristic with bright acidity a full body and tropical fruit, citrus and oak notes.

N. 20 Rose fragrance provence, cabernet/grenache (france)

Soft, elegant and smooth with hints of raspberry, pink grapefruit, red fruit and white peach.

White wines by the bottle

sauvignon graves blanc, chateau trebiac (france) 50

Rich, fruity and with aromas of citrus, pear, lemon, lime, butter and vanilla.

verdiccho ruviano, monteschiavo (le marche) 50

Fragrant with hints of ripened apricot, rich and pleasant with a characteristic almond finish.

chardonnay serra de cocci, pakravan-papi (tuscany) 75

Structured, mineral and light with aromas of citrus fruit, acacia flower, honeydew and a touch of oak.

Pecorino organic aime, cascina del colle (abruzzo) 80

Bold, rich and complex with notes of melon, tropical fruit and citrus notes.

chardonnay pouilly fume, fabrice larochette (france) 90

Crisp, clean and bursting with aromas of asian pear, honey crisp apple, white flowers & bergamot.

cuiri nerello mascalese, terrazze dell etna (sicily) 85

Fresh with stunning notes of pear, sweet apricot, ginger, salt and a pleasant, mineral finish.

sauvignon blanc, kitek (argentina) 54

very fresh, good acidity and aromas of pink grapefruit, white peach and delicate herbal notes.

gavi organico ottosoldi (piedmont) 65

Floral. mineral and persistent with nuances of ripe fruit and good longevity.

trebbiano duca minimo, cascina del colle ( abruzzo) 64

Dry and crisp with gentle aromas of chamomile, lemon peel, white peach and a hint of butterscotch.

pinot bianco plotzner, st. pauls (alto adige) 70

Refreshingly fruity, full and with aromas of green apple, pear, peach and a subtle salty finish.

moscato, pellegrino (sicily) 47

Fresh and sweet with intense aromas of peach and orange blossom and hints of citrus fruit.

Red wines by the glass

chianti villa ghigi, poggio bonelli (tuscany) 15/60

Fruity, floral, soft with notes of cherry, earth, blackberry, oak and vanilla

Monttepuliciano d'abruzzo riserva sinello, casalbordino (abruzzo) 15/60

Balanced, full and warm with good intensity and clear notes of licorice, spice and vanilla.

cabernet sauvignon, skyshower (california) 17/65

Full, characteristic and bold green notes of mint, bell pepper, eucalyptus and rich, dark fruit.

supertuscan prunicce, pakravan-papi (tuscany) 17/65

Delicate, fruity and warm with plum and red fruit and a subtle touch of spice.

Rpiasso della valpolicella, tinazzi (veneto) 15/60

Strong, perfectly tannie and persistent with prune, cherry nutmeg and gentle balsamic notes.

Rioja alavesa joven optum (spain) 13/50

Fresh, mineral and with bright red fruit, warm spice notes and a long, moderately tannic finish.

Red wines by the bottle

barolo riserva, cascina bongiovanni (piedmont) 220

Elegant, full and with notes of rose, black currant, pomegranate and raspberry with velvety tannins.

Pinot noir luzia, st. pauls (alto adige south tirol) 80

Complex, elegant and fine with a wide spectrum of forest berries, cherry and raspberry notes.

top gun cab/merlot/malbec, volatus (paso robles ca) 80

Bold, fruity and bursting with black fruit pepper notes ending in a smooth, tannic finish.

chianti classico riserva, certosa (tuscany) 90

Full, intense and with aromas of ripe red fruit, violet and vanilla with well-integrated tannins.

chateuneuf du pape grenache/syrah, calice de sant pierre (france) 120

Bright, war, and full of blackberry, crips plum, fresh raspberry and rose with cocoa-powder tannins.

malbec con genaro, bodega (mendoza, argentina) 60

Bursting with blueberry jam, ripe blackberry, freshly baked strawberry tart and vanilla notes.

Rioja Riserva, optum (spain) 65

Powerful, strong and bursting with bright, red fruit and spice with a moderately tannic finish.

barbaresco garassino, tenuta carretta (piedmont) 110

Complex, harmonious and persuasive with notes of black cherry, red fruit, oak and a touch of earth.

etna rosso nerello mascalese caruso, terrazze dell etna (sicily) 85

Elegant and spiced with delicate notes of varnish, ripe red fruit and with soft, round tannins.

Bolgheri casa al piano merlot/cabernet, pietranova (tuscany) 85

Smooth, fruity and with nuances of blackberry, black currant, cassis and cherry.

amarone, villa loren (veneto) 120

Warm, ripe and intense with lots of cherry and plum notes and a smooth, lengthy finish.

barolo tre pais, broccardo (piedmont) 115

Great aromatic complexity, structured, ripe, firm and with cherry jam flavors and good tannins.

brunello di montalcino, notte di note (tuscany) 150

Well-structured, full bodied, austere and tannic with aromas of chocolate, berry and hazelnut.

lambrusco amabile, poletti la sagrestana (abruzzo) 45

Persistently fruity, soft and light with a delicious sweetness and subtle touch of fizz.

brunello di montalcino riserva, madonna nera (tuscany) 270

Warm with ripe fruit notes, toasty and nutty nuances and hints of chocolate, wood and spice.

pomerol merlot/cabernet franc, chateau bechereau (france) 80

Classic, balanced and medium-bodied with notes of black fruit, toast and a hint of spice.

Cancellaia cabernet sauvignon/cab franc, pakravan-papi(tuscany) 100

Aromas of ripe fruit, plum and red fruit with fresh notes of green pepper and mint and firm tannins,

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